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High Voltage


Welcome to Sir Lancealot's game homepage
All my games are free!

I decided to create this site just in case anyone ever wanted to see some of the games i have made. Look around and download a game if you think it is worthy of your playing ability. if you want to download it, click on either the picture or the text underneath it. Then you will be taken to another page with a bigger screenshot and the download button.

As a side note, all of these games have been created using
game maker
and are made by me unless otherwise stated.

there have been a total of 19182 visitors since 2005

This is an excellent replacement for microsoft office:
 Use OpenOffice.orgOh, by the way, if you hate pop-ups like I do, then you should download the free and awesome Firefox. It automatically blocks pop-ups and is much safer to use. Hate spyware? yep, Firefox doesn't allow much of those either.
Get Firefox!

last updated December 31, 2006